Securities in issue:

Securities in issue

480,000 Ordinary shares of 25p each 120,000
960,000 'A' Ordinary shares of 25p each 240,000

There has been no change to the authorised or allotted share capital since 31st December 2009.

The capital reserve arose on the listing of the Company’s shares on the London Stock Exchange and the cancellation of the 180,000 5% Cumulative Preference shares at a redemption price of £1.125 per share. The foreign exchange reserve relates to the differences arising on the re-translation of overseas subsidiaries consolidated within the group financial statements. The retained earnings reserve includes the accumulated profit and losses of the group.

Braime Group PLC shares are traded on the AIM stock market only, they are not traded on any other exchange or trading platforms.  There are no restrictions on the transfer of the  Company's securities.

Shares not in public hands

44.54% of the Ordinary shares are not held in public hands.

Directors’ interest and substantial shareholding in Ordinary voting shares

The significant shareholdings detailed below were last updated on 16th July 2024.

Directors’ shares Holding Percentage
Mr. O. N. A. Braime 143,400 29.88%
Mr. A. Q. Braime 35,175 7.33%
Mr. C. O. Braime 35,175 7.33%

In addition to the three directors above, the following persons are beneficially interested in more than 3% of the Ordinary shares of the Company:

Ordinary shares held Percentage
CGWL Nominees Limited A/C GC1 72,500 15.10%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited A/C HLNOM 31,908 6.65%
Mrs P. V. Smith 27,500 5.73%
Ferlim Nominees Limited Des. POOLED 26,063 5.43%
W B Nominees Limited A/C ISAMAX 21,000 4.38%
Lion Nominees Limited A/C RB 20,000 4.17%
Mrs A. Barnes 16,655 3.47%